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Goji Air is a medical-grade air purifier that kills up to 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and germs. NCCO reactor removes odour and converts VOC's to natural occurring substances.

Goji Air lowers your cost over the years because of the reactor life. Because it is not an energy intensive system, we can guarantee you a sustainable and continuous performance.

- Dr Cathy Jim, Scientist

Used widely in and around Hong Kong since the SARS epidemic twenty years ago, Goji Air UK is now available to British businesses. Enabling the hospitality industry to reduce the risks associated with air pollution, and also the bacterial transmission of viruses, Goji also makes sound financial sense. Costing as little as £1 per day, there is also scope to use Goji to generate income, meaning you can run your own system free of charge.

Start capitalising on you clean air status now! 

Used widely in hotels, restaurants, casinos, theatres and other public buildings. 

Installing Goji Air offers your guests, staff and service providers a significantly enhanced health & safety proposition.

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Unlike opening a window - not always possible in hotel rooms above the ground floor in any case - using Goji Air dramatically reduces the threat from air pollution.

   Goji Air systems:

  • Offer medical-grade air filtration, keeping your premises free from toxic air

  • Kill 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and germs

  • Destroy the particles that trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma

  • Minimise the spread of airborne viruses including Covid-19

  • Neutralise odours

  • Low running costs (from £1 a day)

  • Put you a step ahead of any legislation to include air filtration as standard

  • The only UK medical grade HEPA filter air purification system to use NCCO technology

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