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Clean Air for
Residential Care Homes


Goji Air Kills up to 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and germs. NCCO reactor removes odour and converts VOC's to natural occurring substances.

Goji Air filtration systems provide a constant flow of clean the air, reducing the associated risk of the airborne bacteria that result in air pollution, and also illnesses like flu and Covid-19. Supporting health and wellbeing (and so reducing staff absenteeism), Goji also improves productivity.

- Kevin Cox, Goji Air UK

Protecting your residents, staff and partners


The elderly, infirm and clinically vulnerable are always going to be at greater risk of almost any threat to health. So with air pollution now so bad in some areas that opening a window can trigger an asthma attack or cause other respiratory difficulties, as well as heart and lung diseases, those in residential care are even more exposed to the effects of air pollution and airborne viruses. There is also evidence that suggests that both mental health and sleep issues can be aggravated by air pollution too.

Now believed to cause up to  36,000  deaths in the UK annually, The World Health Organisation, the UK Government and bodies including The British Lung Foundation recognise air pollution as the biggest environmental health risk we face today.

Elderly Couple Contract

And with a quarter of British care homes sited in high pollution areas, the risk is ever greater to residents.


Goji Air systems:

  • Offer medical-grade air filtration, keeping your premises free from toxic air

  • Kill 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and germs

  • Destroy the particles that trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma

  • Minimise the spread of airborne viruses including Covid-19

  • Neutralise odours

  • Low running costs (from £1 a day)

  • Put you a step ahead of any legislation to include air filtration as standard

  • The only UK medical grade HEPA filter air purification system to use NCCO technology


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